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Our mission is to provide our members the best health and fitness experience possible, with innovative and tried & true fitness solutions, professional nutritional counseling, and friendly & knowledgeable support. We strive to help our members achieve their goals and beyond by equipping them with the tools for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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A Memo to our Members:

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We know nothing compares to the energy felt in one of our group fitness classes, but our amazing instructors want you to keep MOVING!

We are excited to offer our members MOSSA MOVE digital workouts FREE for 60 days! Each workout is designed with options and modifications so you can choose the intensity and challenge that are just right for you. Work out from the comfort of your own home – on your TV, on your computer, or download the app and take your workouts wherever you go.

You will have access to eight (8) programs. Each program has 2-4 workouts to select from and more will be added soon. Four (4) out of the eight (8) require no equipment. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes.

  • Group Centergy
  • Group Power
  • Athlete 30 – a 30 min body weight only HIIT class
  • Group Groove
  • Group Blast
  • Group Core
  • Group Fight
  • Ride 30

Getting you back in class as soon as possible is our priority, until then…LET’S MOVE!

60-day free online trial will begin the day you sign-up.

Credit card is required to access free trial.

Online platform is $7.99/month AFTER 60-day trial period.

You will need to cancel PRIOR to the 60-day free trial expiration in order to not be charged $7.99.

If you decide to continue the online program after the 60-day trial, it will be $7.99/month.

To receive your FREE 60 day trial click here!

XGT will change the way you workout!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with a national company called XGT Fitness to enhance our members group training experience! As we have watched this industry grow and listened to what our members are looking for, we’ve put a lot of thought into how to continue to improve and serve member requests. The trendy fitness world is ever changing, so we wanted to make sure we offered a complete picture.. something that takes philosophies from all of the most effective styles of training, and builds them into one powerful program.

In XGT, you will build a stronger whole body, using traditional strength training & conditioning, elements of CrossFit, high intensity interval training (HIIT), military style training, heart rate zones, and sports performance (skill, power, agility) work. XGT will be individualized and progressive for each member, allowing everyone to both challenge themselves and work within their limits.

Another thing we know you’ll be excited to hear is with XGT, you will get a different workout, with a different focus and format every single day. XGT will be an awesome compliment to the many other great programs and classes that we offer here at Innergy Fitness!

We also have Youth XGT for Youth Athletes ages 8-18. Call us for more info!

NEW YES Nutrition Program!

We want to help YOU say YES! to living a healthier, more balanced life with good nutrition! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Tori Schmitt of YES! Nutrition, LLC to offer a NEW nutrition membership program! In the group, you’ll get access to a private Facebook community and monthly group meetings to learn new healthy eating tips, to share creative recipes to try, and to get evidence-based answers to your top nutrition questions. Thrilling healthy eating challenges will keep you inspired and encouraged in your journey to a healthier you. And, yes, there will be prizes too! Alongside other members of the group, you’ll get support and motivation, PLUS access to monthly in-person ‘Share-It Sessions,’ which are nutrition education classes and discussions that focus on a variety of health and nutrition topics. At these monthly group meetings, we’ll talk through your successes, your struggles, and the science behind healthy eating all to help you reach your health goals! As a member of the group, you’ll also get 10% off YES! Nutrition’s 1:1 Nutrition Counseling initial consultations, 1-, 3-, and 6-month nutrition coaching programs, and macro plan! Members can upgrade to our Premium Membership package. This program starts in August, sign up now!

Can’t Stop Running in Coldwater!

Welcome to Mercer County, CSRC! Can’t Stop Running Co. is a family run business, with their original location in Piqua, Oh. The owners, Ryan and Melissa, and their staff have been active in our area for the past few years by directing of The Grand Lake Marathon, shoe fittings here at Innergy Fitness, Mercer Health, and a presence at the Mercer Health 5k Challenge. Their expertise in running, properly fitting shoes, gear and supplements will be a great asset to our running community. The great news is, not only are their shoes great for the runner, they are perfect for anyone looking for a good pair of shoes or insoles for walking, standing, working…anything you do on your feet! Please stop by and give them a warm Mercer County hello!


What is THRESHOLD Heart Rate Training?

THRESHOLD is a cutting edge technology that will give you real time feedback of your workout effort & performance, helping you to feel motivated & push harder, while you work out.

How does it work? You’ll wear a heart rate monitor (we’ll have loaners or you can use your own), which will track your heart rate, calories burned, and workout intensity. We have developed a training system using heart rate zones (Eazy, Light, Fat Burn, Threshold, Speed) which are based on each members individual body metrics as a percentage of their heart rate. We’ll tell you how long you should be in each heart rate zone in order to maximize your workout to burn the most fat & calories. You’ll have the option to monitor your heart rate on the flat screens inside the gym or on your phone using our THRESHOLD app.
At the end of each workout, you will receive an email summary of how much time you spent in each zone, how many calories you burnt, and how many intensity points you earned.

THRESHOLD is a concept & technology that we will use in two ways inside the gym….

1. In XGT, we use THESHOLD Heart Rate Training to encourage & push you into the appropriate training zones. We also target a certain calorie burn in some of the workouts, and THRESHOLD allows us realtime feedback so we know when participants have hit the goal.

1. Members can download the THRESHOLD App to use inside and outside the gym. All workout data is recorded and stored in the app.

For more info on THRESHOLD Heart Rate Training, and why you should start using it NOW, click here!

New THRESHOLD App Now Available

Click here for directions on how to set up The THRESHOLD APP


We use text alerts to notify you of class cancellations and programs going on in the gym.  Text @innergy2 to 81010 to sign up!

 A little about us…

Innergy Fitness was established in November 2007 in Coldwater Ohio.  The business resided at its first location on Market Street before moving permanently to a brand new facility located at 803 North Second Street  in July 2010.

Innergy Fitness is a 24/7 access facility, is staffed from morning to evening and offers many services for members.  From a full schedule of a wide variety group fitness options, to over 100 pieces of equipment, as well as personal training, professional nutritional counseling, weight loss programs, and group running programs, members are sure to find the tools and guidance they need to build a healthy lifestyle.  Also with amenities such as child care and shower facilities members can find it easier to fit fitness into their busy lives.


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