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 Welcome to Innergy Fitness!

Have you heard all the buzz about our awesome, calorie burning, fun, feel good classes?  Whether you’re wanting to slim down, tone up, or find your Zen, we have something for you.  Come check them out!  Mention that you visited our website for a week free trial!

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What’s happening in the gym…?

- ONLINE Sign-Ups for TRX, Group Centergy & Thursday night Group Ride are now LIVE!  (Starting in November, Group Power will also be on a sign up basis.)

Follow these steps to sign up for a class. PLEASE read all steps before signing up.

1. Create a login: Click on “Create Login” under “Account Registration” to your left. Create username (PLEASE MAKE THIS YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME – example: deannadavis), enter your email address, create password. Click Submit. When the “Thank you for your registration” box pops up, you are logged in. You may now sign up for a class.

2. Sign up for a class: Click on the class you would like to sign up for under “Class Sign Up Here” on the left of the screen.  (The “Special Event”section is for one time, non-recurring classes & events.) The class date and time will display at the top. To sign up, click “Enroll in Class.”
3. To Cancel a class: Click “Your Classes.” You will see a list of classes you are enrolled in. Find the class you wish to cancel & click “Cancel.”                                                                                                                          

• The number to the right of the class date is the number of spots left in that class. We do not have an alternate list so check back to see if someone cancels for a class you want…which happens often.
• We have it set up to “revolve” each week, so you will be able to sign up for the following weeks class a week in advance, an hour after the start time of the class. For example, you will be able to sign up for 5:30am TRX MONDAY 10/13 on 10/6 at 6:30am.
• You can only register yourself in a class. If you need to sign someone else up, you will need to logout and login with their username. To log out, click “Logout” on the left.
• PLEASE be courteous and only sign up for a class when you are sure you can make it, outside of last minute events. If you must cancel, please do so as soon as you know so it gives someone else a chance to have your spot.


- GROUP CENTERGY – our newest class!  

A revolution in mind/body training that will change the way you feel about your body—forever. You’ll stand straighter, feel stronger, become more flexible, and more physically aware. Set to uplifting music, Group Centergy is designed to increase your endurance, reduce stress, and relieve pain. All Group Centergy classes will be on a sign up basis. See instructions above on how to sign up for classes.  For a complete schedule of all Centergy classes, go to the “classes” tab.


- October is SAVE THE HOOTERS month!  Check out our specials:

1. Non-Member class cards are $35 ($5 off). With a purchase of a class card, you will receive a NO ENROLLMENT FEE coupon that can be redeemed November 17-19.
2. We will donate $1 to the Cancer Association of Mercer County for every card sold in October.
3. We will also donate $1 for every person who wears pink to class during the week of October 13-17 (launch week). Participants will be entered into a drawing for a FREE MONTH membership. Wear pink every class you attend…we will donate a $1 EVERY time and you will increase your odds of winning! 



We are in the planning stages of a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer & Auglaize counties.  The basic premise is we will have a line-up of our classes all afternoon with a charge of $10/spot…all of which will be donated.  We hope you’ll join us…more details to follow!


- TRX is a hit! 

TRX Suspension training is a total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  The TRX device is attached to an anchor point; each participant then grabs the handles with their hands or attaches their feet in the foot cradles.  One simply changes the angle of their body from the ground to work more or less body weight, which can intensify or modify a specific exercise.  Call us to sign up for a class!

 A little about us…

Innergy Fitness was established in November 2007 in Coldwater Ohio.  The business resided at its first location on Market Street before moving permanently to a brand new facility located at 803 North Second Street  in July 2010.


Innergy Fitness is a 24/7 access facility, is staffed from morning to evening and offers many services for members.  From a full schedule of a wide variety group fitness classes to over 100 pieces of equipment, as well as personal training, weight loss programs, and group running programs, members are sure to find the tools and guidance they need to build a healthy lifestyle.  Also with amenities such as child care and shower facilities members can find it easier to fit fitness into their busy lives.


For a complete list of classes, refer to the Classes page.

For a list of equipment, programs and services, and amenities offered, as well as membership pricing refer to the Membership page.


Stop by or Call us Today for more information!!