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 Welcome to Innergy Fitness!

Have you heard all the buzz about our awesome, calorie burning, fun, feel good classes?  Whether you’re wanting to slim down, tone up, or find your Zen, we have something for you.  Come check them out!  Mention that you visited our website for a week free trial!

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What’s happening in the gym…?


January 16th: LAUNCH WEEK!!! & WLC Begins!

Launch Week: All NEW MUSIC and All NEW MOVES!! Group Ride, Group Power, Group Active and Group Centergy will be all NEW and will remain the same for a month. This is a great time for beginners to jump in!

Weight Loss Challenge: Jan 16 thru March 13
$20 to enter – 100% goes to cash prizes!

Weigh-ins will take place on Mondays 8am-7pm, every other week.
(Jan 16th, 30th, Feb 13th, 27th, and March 13th)
You can miss one weigh in, not the first or the last.


Win $100 & More – Let’s Move Challenge Starts January 30!

Studies have proven that people who include group fitness classes in their workout routine are more likely to stick with it.

For 6 weeks, from January 30 – March 11, we’re going to give you even more incentive to try out our fun, inspiring and calorie torching classes!

Here’s how it works…

-Pick up a “Let’s Move” card in the back Group Fitness Room.

-Have your instructor mark your card when you attend class.

-At the end of the week, by Saturday at noon, you must turn in your week slip in the basket at the front desk for the weekly raffle. You only have to attend one class per week to be eligible for the weekly raffles.

-Contestants who attend at least one class per week, all 6 weeks, are eligible to win one of THREE $100 gift cards to be given away!

-2 extra tickets will be given to those who attend 2 classes per week during the challenge.

-Weekly raffles will include a $25 Gift Certificate from a different places each week.

-All are welcome…members and non-members…to participate!

*As a part of our 10th anniversary celebration, everyone who enters will receive an Innergy Fitness water bottle!*

*Pick up your card in the Group Rooms starting January 30th.

Leave your “Let’s Move” card in the black box in the back Group Fitness Room.




Over the past 2 years, we’ve been working on a new logo & slogan that better fits our identity here at Innergy Fitness. Our hope is that you like the look & and are able to personally identify with it. Check it out…

130 logo

Our new logo represents our interpretation of our name, Innergy Fitness. If you look closely, you will see 3 equal parts, each form an “I-F,” the acronym of our name. We chose 3 “I-F”s in a circular shape to represent balance, which is what the triangle in our original logo signified. We believe it’s important to find balance between all the important things in our lives…such as family, friends, faith, career, education, and of course health & fitness. This also plays into our new slogan that you’ll soon be seeing, “One Body. One Life.”
Next, if you look to the middle of the logo, you’ll see two things. First, within each “F” there is a blank space that creates a small “i”. This “i”, along with the blank spaces between each part, work together to show movement from the core. To exercise daily, to make healthy choices, it takes a personal drive, a motivation, a movement, that starts from within.
Which brings us to the meaning of our name… INNERGY, the Inner Energy we earn from exercising & treating our bodies well. We are all given One Body & One Life to live, so our mission here at Innergy Fitness is to help you keep your BODY as healthy as possible so you can live your best, balanced LIFE.




We use text alerts to notify you of class cancellations and changes.  Text @innergy to 81010 to sign up.

 A little about us…

Innergy Fitness was established in November 2007 in Coldwater Ohio.  The business resided at its first location on Market Street before moving permanently to a brand new facility located at 803 North Second Street  in July 2010.


Innergy Fitness is a 24/7 access facility, is staffed from morning to evening and offers many services for members.  From a full schedule of a wide variety group fitness classes to over 100 pieces of equipment, as well as personal training, weight loss programs, and group running programs, members are sure to find the tools and guidance they need to build a healthy lifestyle.  Also with amenities such as child care and shower facilities members can find it easier to fit fitness into their busy lives.


For a complete list of classes, refer to the Classes page.

For a list of equipment, programs and services, and amenities offered, as well as membership pricing refer to the Membership page.


Stop by or Call us Today for more information!!